Children & Young Person's IDVA

Service for Young People aged 13 - 24

CYP IDVA – Children and Young Person’s Independent Domestic Abuse Advocate

This is a service for young people aged 13 – 24 years who are experiencing domestic abuse in their own interpersonal relationship.

We offer 1-1 support to enable young people to make informed choices around their relationship; offering support to increase safety from domestic abuse and work through their feelings to identify the impact the abuse is having on their lives.

The direct work will be a client led approach that will allow young people to explore the relationship between power and control abuse and toxic relationships; developing their understanding of healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Support will be provided to help recognise signs of domestic abuse and unhealthy relationships and develop an awareness of how to respond to domestic abuse.

The Young Person’s IDVA will provide a safe space to challenge societal norms and gendered beliefs; increasing confidence and self-esteem.

We provide safety planning advice and support, this includes information on safety services that are available to a young person.

The Young Person’s IDVA will liaise with other professionals, to voice their views, wishes, feelings and queries.

We recognise that not everyone wants to, or is ready to take action and we will support you to remain as safe as possible, whether you decide to remain in your interpersonal relationship or not.

The Young People’s IDVA recognise that telling someone about abuse is not easy, they are here to listen and support you.


We are currently offering free workshops to schools and colleges across Middlesbrough.

Each workshop has a focus on exploring healthy and unhealthy relationships; developing knowledge around acceptable behaviours, consent, respect and boundaries. Each workshop can be tailored to the groups individual needs in terms of timing and content.

The workshops are interactive and aim to engage young people in challenging their thinking of what a healthy relationship is. Unfortunately for many young people, they have already had experience of a ‘toxic’ or abusive relationship. The workshops will help to develop their understanding of domestic abuse and the relationship between power and control.

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