TIME - Trauma Training

Implementing, Embedding and Sustaining Trauma Informed Principles and Practices

TIME for Implementing, Embedding and Sustaining Trauma Informed Principles and Practices

This consultancy module is to support organisations to implement, embed and sustain trauma-informed principles and practice of a trauma-informed organisation. This module is designed for those with responsibility for policies and procedures.

All participants must have a basic understanding of trauma.


The cost of each module is available on request and does not include travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses for the TIME trainer.  MSP will work with those who commission the training to ensure expenses are as low as possible.

Organisations and services are welcome to commission single training modules or the whole programme of training modules.

MSP will also work with smaller organisations and services whose staff team may be less in number than the maximum number for each training module to consider how they can commission the training in a cost effective manner.

Requirements for delivery of the training

To enable the training to be delivered effectively and smoothly, a room is required that can comfortably accommodate the number of participants equipped with tables and conducive to small group activities.

My Sisters Place will provide a laptop but it is requested that a screen or space to show the training presentation be provided along with a projector, sound and WiFi access.

My Sisters Place will also liaise with commissioning organisations and services in advance of delivery of the training to ensure all conditions are set in place to ensure smooth delivery of the training.

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